Saturday, March 26, 2016

True Leader, True Humanaire™: Tshering Tobgay, Prime Minister of Bhutan.

This is How I want my PM & President to talk and walk that talk.
This is How I want my leaders to think and behave.
This is How I want Indians to think and behave, World to think and behave.
This is How We can save our Earth.
This is the Only way forward.
This is the only ray of hope that we will survive.
Gross National Happiness is much more important than GDP.
We have to think beyond me, family, us towards birds, animals and trees.
Our Constitution has only talked about RIGHTS not about responsibilities. Probably founders have thought of our ancient culture to make people aware of their duties, morale and acts.
But now, we become uncontrolled like Cancer. Our growth has become like cancer. We are populating, polluting, shouting and behaving like Cancer. This is not surely gonna sustain Human Life far more.

This is the only way, which makes business sense. Holistic approach towards life is only way to survive.

Thanks, Spread the fragrance!

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