Sunday, January 1, 2012

Humanaire: Who We Are?

Humanaire: What, Who are you? Many friends asked me, How would you define yourself. We took a lot time, Because answer is not what We want to give, We want to address few fundamental issues.
So If we are a group (Humanity reinvested corp), How would We define ourselves? A Corporate which is hungry to have 50-100% CAGR Profit growth on the cost of everything else? A Politician's Public Face? A Greedy Miner's Tribal Welfare Institution,  An NGO - which looks to at same Profit Hungry Corporate, Ill Politician, Vulture turned Miner etc, to run their Operation?
No, We are None of these. And We are Nothing. We have not defined ourselves. Because a definition makes us boundaries around. We are moving so subjected to change.
So We are NOTHING.
We are Free souls. 
We are the people who thinks World should be a better place. Man-Woman turned animal should Now try to be HUMAN. They should be Humanaire. 
We are thinkers. We are Visionaries. We do not work in a group but our Destination is same. We do not patent our Ideas, traditional knowledge but can protect it. We think Ideas could be ours, But every Creature has right on it, because "We exist, because other also exist." We are inter-dependent. They exist so do we. We are Hopeful. We values Integrity. We can see "what is" out of What is been Projected. We think, We the human should not waste His-Her Life in Rate Race. We think Our Love and responsibilities do not end at Home but starts with.
We are Our future. We are Humanity.We are Humanity, redefined, Re Invented.
We are Humanaire. You too are most welcome, Dear, to a Journey called LIFE.
Wish you all a Very Happy New Year.