Sunday, July 24, 2011

You give me hope: My Humanaire™

Many people asked me who would you define as "Humanaire™". So when I conceptualize it I had lots of things in my mind. And I mean it. I have seen what people doing in a never ending race. No, No way, this is not the way to sustain and more than that LIVE the life. 
Yes I want to share a lot things and would share with the examples from all walks of life who my "Humanaire™" are. 
Let start. No more words to tell about them, just read it out!

Old People Line Up To Clean Radiation in Japan
Mr. Yamada: “I am 72 and on average I probably have 13 to 15 years left to live. Even if I were exposed to radiation, cancer could take 20 or 30 years or longer to develop. Therefore us older ones have less chance of getting cancer.”
Basically a group of 200+ retirees are volunteering to expose themselves to high levels of radiation so the younger men and women don’t have to.
Making the ultimate sacrifice to protect the lives of their children, and their children’s children.

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