Sunday, July 24, 2011

Humanity Hospital: A True Humanaire's Story

Again a awesome story of a vegetable seller lady, who at the age of 20 years left with five kids as her husband died because of lack of healthcare access. That Day she decided and had a Dream to have a hospital for poor where they are treated as Human.
Rest, readers can read from different links and I have nothing to add upon. And it is not a coincident that this blog on Humanity and Subhasini  ji's hospital name "Humanity Hostpital" resemble on core value.
She is my Humanaire!!

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And Doesn't she resemble with Mother Teresa?

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I would also love to talk about Mahesh Bhat. He is a renowned documentary and editorial photographer. And it is he who photographed and well-known journalist Anita Pratap penned and discovered, story of Humanity hospital in the book "UNSUNG". Do get your copy guys (
Would try to dig more about Mahesh ji and Anita ji, in search of my next Humanaire! :-)
(I dropped a mail to Mahesh ji for his permission to use these photos here on my blog.)
A Humanaire!


  1. So you started posting! Good! It is great to read about great people.

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