Friday, July 2, 2010

Save Humanity!, Save Earth!

"Save HumanitySave Earth"

Sounds Paradox? While majority of people are trying to convey the message that "Save Earth to Save Humanity", I stand at different school of thought. I see loss of Humanity as problem to every issue we have encountered in past and will face in Future (If we can be there).
I put Humanity at Core of Human being, At very center of Human being. If our center is drying or dyeing, how can Human being be saved?
Attributes of Humanity like Love, Warmness, Innocence, Caring and I know you can add lots of words in the list, are now taken as sort of old fashioned stuffs. Ok, then let’s suffer too.
I would try to share my thoughts on this and would welcome friends to share their thoughts and action plans.
I strongly feel need of new Humanaire™ human being to save the earth for future generation. We have seen what millionaire and billionaire have done with Earth. So that’s enough!
And Yes I am not against wealth and wealthy people because again poverty is the worst disease that can happen to a human being, but there should be a balance, a fine silver line. Rs 5 Billion- Rs 10 billion is enough to survive your next 7 generations, so that’s enough Yaar (friends). More than that is just your greediness and mental illness. Put rest in business and enterprises where people can get their part.
Welcome Humanaire™, only you can save this Earth. You are the only hope!
That’s it at beginning.